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Phennix LLC is the 1st financial institution to become a full Bank in the Metaverse. Phennix will combine financial strategies, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, crypto-insurance, digital assets, marketplace, and our own Metaverse. We will be delivering institutional-grade Fiat, Crypto & qualified custodian accounts with debit cards and a higher caliber of customer service.

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Financial concierge of the future

We provide transparency across all value propositions of digital assets as well as offer a streamlined pool of interested market participants to enable steady value appreciations and sustainable returns. For the past 3 years, we have cultivated amazing business relationships and have been part of banking and financial events to be able to get to this point. We are now set and focused on delivering products and services that will enable the public to bank seamlessly within the Blockchain, MetaVerse, NFTs, and Crypto ecosystems. You want an NFT but don’t know how to buy, manage or sell one? We will launch our concierge service for companies, commercial banks, and target apex banks as well which will enable enthusiasts or customers to gain access to digital assets just like other participant, but using an exclusive intermediate agent system which will ensure that trading or other processes are highly simplified and secured.

Yamil Santiago
President & CEO

Yamil started in the Luxury car industry at 16 years old and for 14 years he maintained a rich portfolio of customers for Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, and BMW. After He moved to the USA, he became an investor in renewable energy technologies approved by the Navy, Secret Service & Custom Border patrol, then joined the medical group Impulse Diagnostics TX Inc. as president where he now manages the operations of surgeons, doctors, and healthcare providers. Simultaneously, Santiago has been managing a R&D for the past 4 years with a focus on delivering highly competitive and market-friendly Blockchain and Crypto solutions. He is now leading Phennix in the offering of NFTs & Metaverse based financial services which is an outcome of his extensive R&D operations.

Hector L. Santiago
Vice President Treasury

Hector is a high-level executive that was key to the portfolio growth of the federally regulated bank First Bank. He is known to have expanded the loan division of the bank from $100Million to $1Billion during his service term as Vice President, and he consistently managed the affairs within his operational scope for 20 years. Prior to working with First Bank, he served as General Manager for General Motors in Venezuela for 20 years and was significantly handy in helping KIA and Hyundai gain access into different countries’ markets as a lead dealer and brand promoter. Clearly, his experience will drive Phennix into higher realms of business and finance management operations.

Shiraz Achtai
Vice President Accounting

Shiraz is a self-motivated, resilient and ambitious professional with over 8 years of experience (3+ years post qualification) in the audit, assurance, and business advisory department of A.F. Ferguson & Co. (PwC – one of the Big 4 firms). He possesses the ability to work under pressure, undertake new challenges, and step up into supervisory roles an efficiently handle leadership responsibilities. Shiraz have worked for over 30 clients in different roles and possesses extensive experience across industries that include Oil & Gas, Finance, Insurance, Education, Health care, Charities, and Development sectors.



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